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As a new parent I was not prepared for the numerous pathways that could lead to a child’s injury. I understand first-hand how overwhelmed a parent can feel with exploring and growing toddlers that seem to get into everything overnight. In today’s world where information is endless and the safety products available most often provide convenience for the parents but not safety for the child.

I am a mother to 4 children and like any new mom, the instant dichotomy of pure love and growing fear tugged at my heart equally as I watched each one of my children grow and learn.

How do you choose? How do you know what is going to keep your child safe and what is going to potentially do more harm?

I’m here to help! I am passionate about safety so you can focus on your family.

As a Certified Child Safety Specialist I childproof homes and help secure the safety of hundreds of children each year by making their home environment safe.

Additionally, I am a National Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician and Colorado Car Seat Ambassador who has spent endless hours navigating the mysterious ways of proper and safe car seat installation and continuing to be educated on safest practices of traveling with your child.

Lastly, I love what I do and share it with new parents at new mom groups and parent education programs at some of the top “baby hospitals” in the country each week.

Families today are busy, let’s face it, and life can get a little (ok a lot) crazy sometimes. In some homes both parents work or they are single parents and even if there is a stay-at-home parent, day to day operations are endless and the last thing you want to worry about is if your child is going to get seriously injured when normal life happens.

The goal we all want for our family is safe, happy and healthy and it starts with a safe environment. The goal is not to create an environment you don’t recognize and cannot live and function in, but to create space and peace of mind that allows you to feel more relaxed when the chaos and challenges of raising a family arise.

Take the worry out of child safety, I’m here to help! I look forward to sharing with you my knowledge and getting to know you along the way!

You Can Count On Me

Provide honest and practical education
Teach using the best and most up to date resources
Educate to the highest safety standards
Support your parenting journey, meeting you wherever you are
Breathe with you because parenting doesn’t come with a manual
Be kind and treat you as I would my family

Certified Child and Family Safety Experts

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